TORIKO #252 review

Frohze’s anti-aging.

At the end of this week’s chapter, it says “And then, 10 years later…” But for some reason, it looks like Frohze’s the only one who hasn’t aged. Was this just to emphasize Frohze’s beauty, or does it have something to do with her unrevealed ability? Women are really mysterious, aren’t they?!

Although, now that I think about it, Ichiryu is over 500 years old, and Jirou got younger when he was fighting, so perhaps it doesn’t really matter. (LOL)

We also saw Blue Nitro this week. When Red Nitro appeared, I wondered if there was going to be another color, and sure enough, here it is. I bet we’ll see Green and Yellow eventually. But the color really has nothing to do with the ability, so it’ll be hard to predict anything. I’d love to see seven colors appear and then watch them all fuse together!

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