TORIKO #250 review

Ichiryu’s ability, Minority World, is beaten out by Midora’s quick thinking…

In this chapter, Ichiryu talks about “facing death in order to live!” But if that’s really what he believes, then I have a question here. If to live is to die, and to risk your life is to live, then if Ichiryu activated “Minority World,” and then did absolutely nothing, he should have a perfect 50% chance of both living and dying, right? It’d be like being sick and hung over for the rest of your life. Yeesh…

Either way, Minority World is a killer ability, but Midora manages to weasel his way out and sort-of defeat Ichiryu… and then, with timing that’s almost perfect to a fault, a flashback about Midora’s past begins. Usually, in these types of manga past flashbacks = death, so it made me a little worried. They’ve been leading us on for a while now, though, making us think that Ichiryu and Midora had some sort of past, so it may be good timing, but leaving Midora without a past and just making him totally evil made him seem a lot more like a “final boss” to me. I hope that they won’t try to make us empathize with Midora in some way, honestly. I hope he can just stay as a total jerk who we love to hate. In addition to that, now that Frohze’s here, it really makes me feel that Midora isn’t going to be the last boss after all…

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