Tokyo Ghoul #099 review

In this chapter, Kanou explains why he used Rize to make a human-ghoul hybrid. He talks about using ghouls to destroy the warped bird cage that surrounds the world, but it all comes out so suddenly that it doesn’t really make much sense. I guess we’ll understand eventually. We also find out that Yoshimura-san was working together with Aogiri. Yoshimura also seems connected to the Blue-Eyed Owl. He’s very mysterious. But the most shocking thing of all was the revelation that Rize was still alive. It seemed like she might have been earlier, but yep, she’s really alive here.

But then Yomo-san comes and takes Rize away. Yomo-san always appears so suddenly. Since Yomo-san is moving it seems like Antique is also after Kanou. It seems like they were after Rize, which means they may have more knowledge than Kaneki.

Then, at the end, Hato appears. All the main ghouls have arrived, so I’m really excited for next week’s chapter.

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