Tokyo Ghoul #97 review


Looks like Kaneki has the upper hand in the battle with Shachi. Guess we’ll find out who wins next week.
At the end Shachi seems to say that he was going easy, but even so, Kaneki seems too strong.
He was weak for so long in the beginning, it’s hard to believe he’s the same character.
What I really thought was interesting about this chapter was the way the author expressed the speed.
Instead of drawing effect lines, he drew the kanji for “speed” in the background. That’s pretty unusual.
It probably won’t make sense to anyone who can’t read Japanese or Chinese, but I thought it fit well with Shachi’s character.

Author Profile

好きなマンガ: ドラゴンボール MASTERキートン
最近読んでいるマンガ: イムリ ブレイクブレイド ボールルームへようこそ