Kingdom #359 review

Hello, everyone! Have you ever read Haru Yashisa’s “Kingdom” before? It’s a manga that takes place during the Spring and Autumn period of the Warring States Period in Chinese history. It mainly centers around Xin, a war orphan aiming to become the world’s greatest general, Ying Zheng, who later becomes an infamous general himself. Time-wise, the story takes place before the historical events that appear in the famous “Dynasty Warriors” game series. If you read a history book, you can quickly find out what happens, but the fun part about this manga is following Xin’s journey as he rises from a pauper on the street and becomes a respected general. It had me from the get-go, and I’m always excited to read the next chapter.

This is Haru Yasuhisa’s first serialization, but his solid art and deep story make it a great read. All the historical characters are dealt with properly, and even from the beginning, the balance and rhythm of the story is truly masterful, like it was drawn by a manga veteran. Haru previously worked as an assistant for Inoue Takehiko, the author of Slam Dunk, so I suppose it’s plain to see why he became able to draw such great manga as well. He’s already very well-known and popular in Japan, but I believe he’s going to go on to become a leading manga artist in Japan, so I’d like to introduce his work to more manga fans overseas!

Now, on to #359, which appeared in the 9/26 issue of Young Jump.

kingdom 359 chapter

#359 continued the side story about Qiang Lei, one of Xin’s old allies, and the trials and tribulations she underwent with her clan. The story itself focuses mainly on the trap her older sister set for her, and finally, this week, their battle began. Qiang Lei worries about stamina and tries to fight conservatively, but there are simply too many enemies, so she uses a special technique to kill a majority of them in an instant.

Half of the twenty pages this week are dedicated to a scene between Qiang Lei and her sister, while the other half goes quickly through a battle and ends with Qiang Lei in a tight spot.  I think this chapter did a good job of giving us a way to empathize with Qiang Lei through her past, and makes her even more charming of a character.

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Masaki Watanabe
Born in 1984, raised in San Francisco. He loves Japanese food, manga, and people, and ever since he went to college, he dreamed of moving to and living in Japan. After studying psychology, internet, software development, computer interfaces, and business strategy at Keio University, and with the help of many other people, he launched a Japan-developed website for manga to be read around the world in different languages... Manga Reborn.

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