Nisekoi #94 review

Nisekoi #94-1

Tomorrow is Onodera-san’s birthday!

So Raku asks Onodera-san’s little sister, Haru-chan, to go present shopping with him.

Of course, since Haru-chan doesn’t like fun things, she refuses, but Raku manages to lure her out with some sweets. It’s worrying how “easy” she is.

So, she goes to stores, choosing presents and eating candy over and over again… honestly, having Haru-chan alone like this makes the story pretty weak. It was pretty boring, honestly.

Of course, as usual, the manga continues to make it seem like Raku and Haru-chan are going to be together. And we see that these sort of flags also existed in the past, at the school festival. The chapter ends, though, with us wondering if Haru-chan is finally about to surrender.

Nisekoi #94-3

Next week will probably chronicle Onodera-san’s birthday, but I hope Chitoge comes back soon. Too wishful?

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