Nisekoi #93 review

Nisekoi #93-1

This week’s chapter was about Onodera-san’s diet.
In short, she thought she got fat, but the scale was actually just broken.
Yeah, that happens a lot I guess. (In manga!)

We got to see a lot of Onodera-san’s weird faces this week, which I know a lot of people like.
And man, is Rururi-chan evil! When Onodera-san asked her if she looked like she had gotten fat, she thought “Not really,” but instead answered, “Yeah, you should be careful.”

And so, Onodera-san stops eating and collapses. She almost drowns in the pool! Then, after skipping breakfast, she loses her self-control and starts eating her lunch early!
My favorite panel from this week:

Nisekoi #93-3

In the end, Raku gets worried about her and tells her that she’s always been skinny, so she needs to eat properly. Onodera-san smiles and the problem’s solved. It was a very Onodera-san-esque chapter.

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