Nisekoi #92 review

Nisekoi #92

I-I’m just going to recount things exactly how they happened!

Last week, it seemed clear that Chitoge was not the girl the main character made the promise with ten years ago… but in this week, it turns out that wasn’t necessarily the case.

I understand… this may be hard to follow… I’m not exactly sure what’s going on myself. This seems much more dangerous than childish things like hypnosis or hyper speed.

And so, things pretty much happened how I expected them to. (LOL)

Next week: The promised girl’s eyes aren’t blue, so it couldn’t have been Chitoge!

This week: Chitoge’s eyes aren’t blue like we thought they were!

As usual, I can do nothing but laugh. Not necessarily in a good way, though…
But at least I can relax knowing that I don’t have to give up on Chitoge.
I want her to keep shining like a true main heroine. Don’t let Onodera-san get all the glory just because she got #1 in the popularity ranking!

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