Little Busters! -refrain- #2 review

This chapter was mostly comedy up until the end, when it got serious. Kurugaya-san, in the beginning, was pretty sexy/cute.

She looks like she’s trying to be seductive in the beginning, but anyone who knows her knows that there’s a frightening kick waiting for them…

The scenes of daily life in this episode were first-rate.

Kengo: “Oh, so your heart is really beating fast right now?”
Riki: “Stop it, Kengo! That line doesn’t match your face at all!”
Kengo’s always better when he’s out of character. :P

This may be the real Kengo, but saying that line with that face is just…

Kyousuke: “This plan is called: ‘Loli-Loli Hunters!”
What a horrible plan!
Please let me help out.

Kyousuke: “Why do you look so disapproving? It doesn’t mean I’m a loli!”
Riki: “Let’s just table the question of whether or not Kyousuke is a loli…”
Kyousuke: “How can we?! That’s the most important part! This manga just happened to catch my eye, that’s all!”
Kyousuke’s pretty funny when he panics. And I can’t believe no one tried to figure out who the manga really belongs to!

Kyousuke” I just noticed… if you write 21 like this, doesn’t it kind of look like the word ‘loli?’
Loli jokes one after another. 21 really does look like loli in katakana, so it’s kinda scary!
I already played through this in the original game, but I still laughed out loud here. They animated it perfectly.
I guess this joke isn’t that funny if you don’t understand Japanese, though.

The second part of the episode was the hanabi festival. I’m surprised that the ethics committee didn’t appear here after all they’ve done so far, but it’s later supplemented with a letter of apology.

Then, Riki notices that the day of June 20 is repeating itself. Especially with what happened with Nishizono-san, it seems clear that things are getting weird. Is Riki the only one who’s noticed this? If everything is repeating itself, then that means Kurugaya-san’s kick will be repeated as well… but since it doesn’t, I guess that means that not everything will necessarily be repeated? Lots of questions left to be answered!

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