Little Busters! -refrain- #1 review

Finally, the second season of Little Busters! has begun!
I’ve played through the game it was based on, but I won’t write any spoilers here.

Since they’re starting out a new season, I thought they’d throw in a lot of explanations to make it easier for viewers to follow, but it really picks up right where the last part left off. So if you haven’t seen the first season, you’ll get left behind. (LOL)

The pancakes at the pancake party looked really yummy. I laughed at the mosiac pancake.

I was really relieved to see that the food was well-drawn in this episode. In another anime that was broadcasted in 2006, I remember seeing a head of cabbage just drawn like a big green ball. It really bugged me. It’s known in Japan as the “Cabbage Incident,” and recently, I haven’t been seeing any similar examples like that, so I’m very pleased.

Now, back on topic. It’s time to talk some serious stuff here.


Kurugaya-san is so cooooool!!

Isn’t she? (LOL)
The author, Maeda-san is known as the “Great Demon Lord,” but Little Busters! is best when it’s cheerful and silly, I think. I bet the sort of thing that happened in this episode won’t be happening much again.

At the end, Riki collapses due to narcolepsy again, just as he was about to remember something very important. I wonder what’ll happen next!

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