Kuroko no Basket 2nd season #2 review

This episode started with the continuation of the street basketball game.
But unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any furious battles. It started to rain, so they canceled the game. Too bad!

Murasakibara: What’s up with your eyebrows? Why do you have two?
I’m so glad someone brought that up! I was wondering it too! I thought it was just something that was normal in their world. I mean, considering their hair color and all…

Kagami felt like Himuro’s shot “slipped through,” but since it was actually a shot that couldn’t be blocked by anyone that tried to stop it, I’m surprised at his confidence that it just “slipped” through. To everyone else who was watching, it just seemed like it was too good of a shot, so that’s kind of embarrassing on Kagami’s part.

Then, Momoi from Seirin High comes in all wet. Everyone panicks, wondering where they should look! I’m sure she’s gotten more looks like that.

Momoi “Thank you. It’s a bit tight, though…”
2nd-year boys: “Oh my god! The bear… the bear!!”
Ahh, that bear! I wish I was that bear… I mean, the poor bear! It’s funny to see Kiyoshi come back later talking about the bear. All the second-years are thinking the same thing! (LOL)
Then afterwards, we find out that Riko is a B cup. Momoi-san must have been aiming for that! What a frightening girl!

First-years: “Kuroko should just go and die…”

Not only is he good at basketball, he’s also popular with the ladies?! How is anyone else supposed to compete?! Although, maybe it’s because he’s good at basketball that he’s powpular. In Slam Dunk, though, Ruruka was popular, but none of the other members really were… wonder what it’s like in real life?

Momoi: “I didn’t see it coming at all… but if this is perfected, I don’t think I could have blocked it even if I did know it was coming. It might be an invincible drive?!”
I don’t know much about basketball, so I couldn’t understand what “drive” is. Apparently that’s what you call a dribble used to rush through people. Is this the result of Kuroko’s training in the first season?
There were a lot of things “slipping through” in this episode. Shots, drives…thinking of Kuroko’s characteristic, I have a feeling that Himuro may have a similar type of shot… even though he’s not good at passing, right?

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