Kuroko no Basket 2nd season #1 review

The second season of the Kuroko no Basket anime has begun! The manga is still being serialized in Jump, but I haven’t read it, so you don’t have to worry about any spoilers here.

The opening theme to the first season was performed by GRANRODEO. I’ve heard their songs in numerous places ever since their debut with IGPX’s “Go For It,” so it was nice to hear them again. There aren’t that many rock-ish anime songs, after all. Ad the vocalist, Taniyama, also appears in the anime as the voice of Himuro.

The first season ended with Toukou vs. Kaijou, and this season starts with the aftermath. They re-introduce the Generation of Miracles, but as for the other characters, I sort of remembered their faces, but I couldn’t remember their names! Guess they expect us to check it on the home page or Wikipedia or something.

This episode mainly focused on a street basketball match and Kagami’s past. Kagami’s hair has been red since he was a kid! I guess that means that all of the characters’ hair colors are natural too? Uhh… okay…

After he’s introduced Kagami tells Himuro “You always have a power face on.” But since we’ve seen his past, we know that’s not necessarily the case. Midorima seems to be the truly stoic character of the bunch.

Also, in Japan you don’t really often see basketball courts like that in the middle of the city. Most kids play basketball at the court in the gym at their schools, and even with schools that have outside courts, most of the courts’ grounds are sand. I’ve never seen a concrete court. I guess Japanese people are worried about kids falling and getting hurt.

The episode ended with Murasakibara appearing. He only just barely appeared, so I have no idea what kind of character he’s going to be. But Tetsuya #2 is so cute!

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