Kingdom #361 review

Hello, Watanabe here again. I refuse to let anyone else review Kingdom instead of me, but I actually keep getting late with my reviews, and it’s putting some pressure on me… but that’s a secret. Now, this week, Kyou Kai finally awakens! I thought this would happen, but it still looks really cool!


This chapter starts off where last week left off – with Kyou Kai getting beat up. Her opponent, Yuu Ren, is simply too strong, not just because he won in the ritual, but also because he was luckily (?) able to finish off his little sister by his own hand. In other words, he’s succeeded in becoming a completely cold, calculating monster, making him fit to be the leader. It makes sense… and since he’s been beating up on Kyou Kai for weeks now, it makes him one of the most evil characters in Kingdom history.

Then, Kyou Kai remembers the faces of her allies and stands up…


Next week, I expect she’ll use her talents to beat the crap out of Yuu Ren.

Kyou Kai remembering her allies and getting a power-up as a result was pretty much to be expected, and very genre-safe. And I enjoyed it. The real question here is, how is the story going to continue, in regards to the ritual and who the clan leader is? Is it going to be like Rurouni Kenshin, where the message is just “the one who lives for their allies is stronger?”

Up to a certain point, I wondered if Kyou Kai would die halfway through the story, like Shirley in Code Geass, so I was a bit nervous. But if the author is going this far with her, then it looks like she’ll be able to live on for a while. As a fan, I’m super happy.(^ー^

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