Kingdom #360 review

Hi, Watanabe here. This week in one of my favorite manga, a side story featuring one of my favorite characters continued.

Right at the beginning, Kai is hit with a full-powered golf swing and gets knocked into a boulder. With her bandanna sort of unraveled like that, I don’t exactly know what it is, but she looks kind of girlish and cute to me there. It’s not very important, but it reminds me, I think that in the scene where we first find out her gender, her bandanna was also undone…  Kai has a reputation of being invincible in Mibu mode, but that isn’t the case here. Not even Houken could beat her this badly, which is a testament to how strong Yuuren must be. He might be one of the strongest characters in the manga. But perhaps he has some trick?

2013-10-04 14.21.21

This is one of those scenes we see often in manga where one of the main characters gets the stuffing beaten out of them by the enemy, without any hope in sight. We’re guided to look at the superiority emanating from the enemy’s eyes, but we still hope that something will happen, especially when we see Lei’s face at the end. Story-wise, Kai was unable to take part in the ceremony to determine the tribe leader because she hasn’t gone through some other ritual to prepare herself. In other words, she’s weak. If she forgot about everything else and becomes level-headed, she could get stronger.


I don’t dislike these kinds of stories. ( ̄▽ ̄)

If she makes it through this, will she come back stronger? Seems like the gap between her and Shin will get even wider. It’s really taking us a looong time to find out who the true main character is. the girl next to him is almost invincible, yet the main character is still a general of 3,000. It seems to go 5,000 -> 10,000 -> 20-30,000, then shogun, and then daishogun? It looks like we’ll be waiting a long time to find out, and I only hope that the clan leader doesn’t die along the way. What do you all think?

In the scene above, she’s getting whapped on the ground. I feel like I’ve seen this sort of picture somewhere before… in Hunter x Hunter, in the Greed Island arc, toward the end when Killua makes that really cool kick. Don’t you think it looks similar?

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