Kill la Kill #3 review

Let’s jump right into episode 3 of Kill la Kill!

In this episode we learn a bit about Satsuki’s past! Little Satsuki is so cute!


We also learn the name of Satsuki’s goku-seifuku: “Junketsu.” (Pure Blood)


It’s pure white, and said to be a bride’s costume. I can’t wait to see how it’ll be used.

Now on to the actual episode! Ryuuko stares intently at her teacher in order to find out the secrets of the goku-seifuku!

She follows him around after class, but then he disappears! He’s no amateur! Afterwards, she reads the note attached to Mako’s back and goes to meet the sensei that appeared last time. Talk about a secret rendezvous!

And so, as the sensei begins to explain things, he starts stripping again…


Goku-seifuku are created using “living threads.”
One-Star seifuku: 10%
Two-Star seifuku: 20%
“Pure Blood” is of course, 100% composed of living threads. Apparently only the Matoi and Kiryuuin clans know the secrets to the living threads, and the Kiryuuin clan has assumed a monopoly over them — and they also killed Ryuuko’s father! Seems like sensei also despises the tyranny of the Kiryuuin clan, so I bet he’ll keep supporting Ryuuko in the future!

I wonder if he’ll ever fight? Is he strong? I hope we get to see what he’s got soon.

Then we’re taken to a suspicious laboratory where goku-seifuku are being researched. Then an experimental goku-seifuku goes crazy!


This one was created with 50% living threads, which makes it harder to control. In that respect, Ryuuko is really something. Perhaps she’s the chosen one?!

Then, in the secret lab, Satsuki puts on Pure Blood!


Why is she naked?
Ryuuko’s goku-seifuku notices the disturbance and gets goosebumps… even though it’s a piece of clothing.

Then, Satsuki appears clad in the goku-seifuku, and the battle begins! Pure Blood awakens!


Another crazy design! It’s definitely sexier than Ryuuko’s. I wonder what the back looks like?

The camera work in this episode was awesome as usual! I wish they’d make a live-action series!


Ryuuko is overwhelmed by Satsuki’s power!


Then Mako jumps in and helps out Ryuuko! Good job, Mako!


I was really impressed with Mako here. A normal person would not have been able to jump in between these two! What she’s saying sounds kind of stupid, but she still seems to be a key person in the series.

Then, Ryuuko reaizes what it truly means to wear a goku-seifuku. And hers awakens!!


This scene had a nice surprise in it!


Satsuki dodges it, but it was still a cool slash!

Unfortunately, the battle doesn’t come to a solid end. Looks like Ryuuko will have to go and fight all the other club members to get a stab at Ryuuko again.

This was another awesome episode! It was so exciting, it almost seemed like the last episode. We didn’t get to see the end of the fight, but Ryuuko really grew through the event. She’ll probably get even stronger as time goes on, and I can’t wait to see it. And why does Satsuki want to make the students keep fighting so much…?

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