KILL la KILL #2 review

Here we go! Kill la Kill episode 2: “Seductive Enough to Faint Over!”

This episode starts right after the boxing match with Fukuroda.

Satsuki seems to know who Ryuuko’s father is, but then Ryuuko feeds too much blood to her goku-seifuku and nearly faints! After making it seem like she’s going to keep fighting in her condition, she spits out some excuse and speeds away.
This made me laugh out loud! It was so funny!

Then, Ryuuko faints and gets saved by someone… who seems without a doubt to be some kind of weird pervert! :P
名称未設定 2
Then, Ryuuko wakes up with some weird old man on top of her! Dangerous! HENTAI!
Turns out, though, that she was saved by Mako’s little brother, Matarou. And the guy on top of her is Mako’s father, Barazou. What the eff is wrong with this family?! :P
Barazou works as an underground doctor, but seems to have killed more patients than he’s saved.
名称未設定 4
And he calls himself a doctor?! Sounds more like a total quack to me…
After that, mom makes them dinner, but she makes them miso soup and croquettes with weird stuff in them! “I put some weird thing in this,” she says!

名称未設定 5
Indeed, there seem to be a lot of weird stuff sticking out of the food! Looks dangerous too!
That’s when we met Guts! The pet of the Mankanshoku family! He’s… a dog. I think.

Yep. Mako’s family is COMPLETELY INSANE! Not a single normal person among them.

After this, we’re back at school. Right when Mako gets to school, he gets in trouble for skipping tennis club and gets the crap beat out of her! But then, the leader of the tennis club, Hakodate Kyouko, steps up to protect Mako!
名称未設定 6
But for some reason, Ryuuko’s talking goku-seifuku won’t awaken! So she loses right away.

Ryuuko faints again, and this time she’s saved by a teacher named Mikisugi Aikurou.
Then, her goku-seifuku awakens and she learns it needs blood to work, and gives her the Sekitekkou, a tool that can activate it.
名称未設定 9
Here, her teacher unbuttons his shirt and poses as he explains every little line.
名称未設定 8
He’s even sparkling. His actions are so completely off from what he’s saying, that it was just hilarious. He’s a weirdo too! :P

Then, finally, the fight with Hakodate Kyouko begins! It seems to be a battle based on tennis rules. Kyouko’s wearing a goku-seifuku that enhances her tennis abilities, and Ryuuko’s normal racket doesn’t have enough durability, so it seems like she has no way of winning! What’s she going to do?!

名称未設定 10

Then, her goku-seifuku tells her to use the Katatachi Basami!
名称未設定 11
名称未設定 12
I wonder where that material came from… I’ll have to look it up later.

After this, Satsuki reappears. It seems like they might fight, but in the end, Ryuuko just spits out another excuse and runs away like a bad guy. :P Who’s the good guy here?!

This episode moved really quickly, there were a lot of funny parts, and sexy shots, too! I really enjoyed it. And Sawano’s music really enhances the excitement! It really seems like we have nothing to worry about with this show.

At this pace, though, it seems like the battles with the assassins from the student council may end earlier? This episode had a proper credits, which had a very calming, school life-ish atmosphere to them. I’d like to see Kill la Kill with that sort of atmosphere too.

Can’t wait for next week!

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