KILL la KILL #1 review



KILL la KILL, the brainchild of Imaishi Hiroyuki and Nakashima Kazuki, is finally on air.
The same people as Gurren Lagann are working on this series!
Sawano Hiroyuki of Gundam UC and Shingeki no Kyojin fame is also on board! They’ve got a team of superstars working on this, so it’s definitely one to watch!


Lots of movement right from the start! It’s almost worrisome how much movement we get to see right from the beginning!


And the art is so cool! You can really see the staff’s unique touches in these detailed art shots that appear every so often. Just watching them frozen like this is still cool, so keep your eyes peeled!

Say hello to the class chairwoman, Kiryuuin Satsuki!
“Pigs with clothes on!” That was her first line, and what a line it is.
I couldn’t tell if she was male or female at first, but her voice gives it away. So imposing!


Here’s the main character, Mato Ryuuko!
She’s really cool when she first appears, but then gets destroyed right away.




Attacked by a uniform that starts speaking all of a sudden…


And now she’s wearing very embarrassing-looking clothes. (And it’s so cute to see her embarrassed!)

Seeing a female character go through so much in the first episode of an anime is pretty rare, I think. By the way, the talking uniform is called a “goku-seifuku.” The word appears numerous times. Apparently, there are different levels to the goku-seifuku, designated by how many stars they have. Three seems to be the max, but I bet we’ll be seeing even more. They seem to make the wearers stronger, but what they are exactly doesn’t seem to be clear.

Now, for two scenes that really stuck out to me.


Sensei takes off his glasses! Who’s this good-looking guy? He seems to know a lot about what’s going on. Better keep a close watch on him!


Here we have a Japanese pun: “Seni soushitsu.” Soushitsu means loss, but there are two potential meanings for “seni” = battle threads, and the will to battle. Not a bad pun!

Lots and lots of on-screen words appear in this anime. It’s done in a pretty interesting way, and personally, I like it.

I think that’s enough for #1! It was a great watch, both in pace and excitement.

Kill la Kill is a 26-episode anime that will run for 6 months, and according to the production staff, all 26 episodes are going to be this action-packed:

#1 has been aired on TBS. How was it, everyone? We’re going to keep the excitement going right to the last episode, so please cheer us on! Please get excited for #2!#kill_la_kill

— From the official Kill la Kill twitter @kill_la_kill) October 4, 2013

I can’t take my eyes off it! I’m really looking forward to next week!

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