Galaxy Patrol Jako #11 review

Pissed off...

Pissed off!

While reading this chapter, I forgot my age for a moment and laughed out loud. In recent times, we’ve rarely gotten glimpses of Toriyama Akira’s classic “unbelievably stupid
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gags,” and I certainly didn’t expect to see one here. But boy was it great. I think Toriyama is the kind of person who can’t go for too long without drawing some sort of immature fart joke, so the fact that he put this in seems to show that he was really relaxed. Dragon Ball became too serious for too long and he was unable to draw a lot of these, so I bet it was really stressful for him. When I first read Jako, it seemed like Toriyama hadn’t really gotten into his stride yet, like he was still trying to get used to a new pair of clothes, so I was a bit worried, but this chapter made me feel a lot better. I imagine that since this was the last chapter (and the series probably was’t very popular), Toriyama didn’t have much to worry about, so he just drew whatever he wanted. People might not remember, but Dragon Ball started off this way too. He even went as far as connecting this last chapter to Dragon Ball.

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