Gingitsune #2 review


This episode showed us how the three girls became friends. Our characters seem to be a normal, shy girl, a girl who seems a bit on the rough side, and a genius student who’s under a lot of pressure. It’s a pretty standard combination! :P

Since they’re high schoolers, they’re worried about their futures. They’re in the midst of adolescence!

Since this show takes place around a shrine, I like how they gave us a light explanation of shrine rules: First, you walk on the left side through the Torii, the shrine gate. Only gods are allowed to pass through the center. (I didn’t know that, and I’m Japanese!)

When praying, first you bow twice and then clap your hands twice, then do one more bow. I can see how people could easily get confused with the numbers here. Hopefully next time I go to a shrine, I’ll be able to act more like a true Japanese person!

It was too bad we didn’t see much of Gin-chan this time. He always listens patiently to Makoto’s whining and cheers her on. He’s really sweet and reliable!


And he always gets embarrased when she thanks him. So cute!

Looks like we’ll see a lot of gods next time, so I’m excited. It’s always fun with more animals!

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