Gingitsune #1 review

Gingitsune (Silver Fox), an anime that I chose because of the animals that appear, and because of the distinctive art style.

To start off, I love how tsundere Gintarou is.


He’s weak toward his favorite food, mikans. Just look at his face… (LOL)

This is just the first episode, so there aren’t that many characters yet, and throughout the show seemed to be trying to build up a world about characters who can see divine messengers.

The main character is a girl in her second year of high school, who asks Gintarou to tell her fortune in order to make friends with a classmate.

It ends in failure, and she gets into a big fight wtih Gin-chan.

Absolutely unbelievable. If I was there, I would have slapped her. How could she just push her own failure onto Gin-chan like that?!

In the end, she apologizes, but it isn’t very clear… perhaps because she’s still so young? Oh no, I really have gotten old, haven’t I?


It seems like other divine messengers aside from Gin-chan may appear as well, so I’m pretty excited.

I wanna cuddle with his fluffy tail!

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