COPPELION #2 review Oct18


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COPPELION #2 review


The climax to this episode was Ibara-senpai almost falling off a building while trying to save a mother and child.

This scene seems to be about how the Coppelion, which was raised up solely to save people, realizes how weak she is when she fails to save all the people. Here, she also makes a painful decision of saving the child instead of the mother.

It’s a very important scene… at least in the manga. The anime version kind of let me down. There were a lot of weird art choices made that made it a bit difficult to follow. I won’t go into the details, but I wonder if anime-only people were a bit confused by this scene. If I had only seen the anime, I think I would have been like ‘Huh? When did the kid get saved?’
In the manga, the instant when the hand lets go wasn’t included, so I didn’t really feel confused.

The backgrounds were as beautiful as always, though. I could really feel the weight when the building collapsed. That was really cool.

I can’t wait to see the Ozu sisters appear.

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