BEELZEBUB #225 review


Since Hilda returned last week, we start a new arc this week!

It was interesting to see how people thought Takamiya was so different when he let his hair down at school. Then Nasu and Ringo got into a fight and destroyed part of the school. Then, just when we thought Oga had arrived, it turns out it was actually Alan Dolan cosplaying as Oga. Everyone got really confused. Oga was apparently too busy to come to the meaning, and that was the best he could muster.

Then, Alan Dolan answers that Oga’s in America. This page was a full spread, and looked very beautiful. The rest seems to be a mystery, though.


Oga hitchhikes and gets picked up by a truck, and then immediately gets robbed. Since he doesn’t understand English, he can’t tell what they’re saying, and the robber fires a gun, but Oga easily defeats him. Then, the truck driver takes a liking to him and lets him onboard…but where does he take him?