Assassination Classroom #63 review

This chapter was about Karasuma-sensei! We really got to see how powerful he was. He was surprised by the gas attack, but the user didn’t turn out to be anything special, so Karasuma-sensei cleaned that up pretty quickly. Remember, he’s also someone who’s powerful enough to surprise even Koro-sensei himself!

I wonder if the next chapter will only be about the students? Seems like Gastro uses guns… I wonder how the students will deal with them? It’s about time that one of the students died, I think…

It’s nice that we finally found out Gastro’s name. As usual, he really likes to eat…


He’s putting plum jam on it. Everyone really likes candy in this manga. His eyes are kinda freaky. I wonder if he’ll start cooking or making curry next week.

There was a jab in this manga toward “a Jump detective manga,” which probably refers to Neuro. It took me a while to remember it. Why? Because I thought of it more as a battle/comedy manga than a detective manga, even though I guess Yako-chan is a detective. I read through it recently. It’s really great. I highly recommend it.

In closing: Kayano-san is so stupidly cute!


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Born in Katsushika, Tokyo, where the famous manga "Kochikame" is set, in 1982. He's been reading Jump for over ten years, and reads a lot of other manga volumes as well. He likes manga with battles, comedy, and "life-threatening gambles."

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