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Assassination Classroom #62 review

Irina takes center stage in this chapter. Woohoo!

When she was clinging to Karasuma-sensei, I wondered if she was somehow weaker than the middle schoolers! But it seems like she can be really useful in the right times.
She hasn’t tried to seduce anyone lately, so I had forgotten, but this chapter reminded us of how sexy she can be. I bet Koro-sensei wanted to get a closer look. Too bad for him!
Climbing up in a dress was obviously part of her plan. Pros sure are scary!


In this panel we see all of her “skills.” On the top left is hanafuda, and on the bottom right is tea. Nice to know that she’s studied a lot about Japanese culture! I’d like to take her on myself…
Apparently she can also cook and knows how to ride a motorcycle.



A Japanese gag? No… it must be some kind of traditional Russian ballerina costume? Right? Someone draw the rest of her!

Also, we finally get to see the villains’ faces.


Mmm… guns are yummy!
Perhaps he has the ability to eat people’s weapons and render them useless? In that case, he’s really dangerous!
But if that was the case, then couldn’t he just eat the person as well?

Can’t really tell which one is stronger, but they both look pretty weird, so it’ll be fun to see the students go up against them.

Author Profile

Born in Katsushika, Tokyo, where the famous manga "Kochikame" is set, in 1982. He's been reading Jump for over ten years, and reads a lot of other manga volumes as well. He likes manga with battles, comedy, and "life-threatening gambles."

Favorite Manga: Assassination Classroom, Hunter x Hunter, Usogui, Shingeki no Kyojin, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Grappler Baki, manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto.
Games Played Recently: Monster Hunter 4, Puzzle and Dragons, Ace Attorney 5