Assassination Classroom #61 review


All of a sudden, a mysterious assassin appears! Assassins have a lot of weapons to choose from, but this one uses a man-made virus, which is pretty large-scale, so I imagine he must be pretty up there in the ranks. The virus also kills victims in a week, and there’s only one serum that exists. He definitely put a lot of planning into this, but considering the ten billion yen, it makes sense.

Something seems suspicious about Kunigigaoka middle school, which is located on an island with a “black” hotel that’s rampant with mafia. The dean is a clean freak so it seems like he may avoid those kind of places, but he’s shown a “black” face a few times, so something must be up.

Class E is really crazy, to have been able to climb up that cliff so easily. In three months they rose to the top of their year, and have really heightened their abilities. They must have a lot of students with real potential. But I really feel sorry for Hara-san, the slightly pudgy person who couldn’t escape on her own when the pool collapsed. If she wasn’t a patient, I wonder if we’d have seen her rush up the cliff with no problems?

Seems like an all-out war is going to begin next time. But they’re up against pros, so it won’t be easy. I can’t wait to see everyone go crazy! Personally, I think it’d be cool if someone tied Koro-sensei to a string and swung him around like a weapon.

Lately Koro-sensei’s been eating a lot of Japanese snacks, but since he was in full defense mode this time, he didn’t have time to snack, so that was kind of disappointing. I liked Ritsu’s Cat’s Eye cosplay. Since she’s digital, she can cosplay as anything! I wanna see more!

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Born in Katsushika, Tokyo, where the famous manga "Kochikame" is set, in 1982. He's been reading Jump for over ten years, and reads a lot of other manga volumes as well. He likes manga with battles, comedy, and "life-threatening gambles."

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