About this Site

This site is a series of reviews of current manga and anime written by the men and women who make up the Manga Reborn Staff!


MANGA REBORN is a community built around the mission of increasing worldwide fans of Japanese manga artists.
Lately, fans of Japanese manga have been increasing all around the world, but since only a limited selection of manga is available in their countries, many illegal sites with uploaded copies of Japanese manga have been popping up all over the internet. We would like to proactively fight these sites, which waste the true potential of many excellent manga series, by releasing Japanese manga to the world in a way that empowers both the artists and the fans.

While supporting artists in a way that has been never possible before, we’re also working to create a legal place in which manga can be easily acquired by everyone, worldwide, and also create a community for fans who love manga. Through supporting manga and artists in this way, we hope to eliminate the illegal trends that have become connected with online manga, and create a new positive movement that every manga fan and author in the world can be a part of.
But we need your support to do this!
Let’s work hard together to create an international environment where a whole new age of Japanese manga can come to life!


About the MANGA REBORN Team

MANGA REBORN is developed, administered, and run by Beyond Perspective Solutions (BPS). BPS is stationed in Japan (Shinjuku, Tokyo) and has worked together with publishers and printing companies to develop E-book viewing system applications, E-bookstore applications, E-book DRM, and E-book quality rendering engines.
MANGA REBORN was developed as a response to the fact that there is only a small amount of very popular manga being spread out to the world from Japan. We feel that there is a large amount of interesting manga that has yet to leave Japan, so we are working hard to introduce readers around the world to a wider variety of quality manga.
We translate authors’ works and receive authorization to distribute it worldwide, and then make connections with the fans through user-generated translations and scanlations in order to build MANGA REBORN into a worldwide infrastructure.

Please check our homepage for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about MANGA REBORN

New to the MangaReborn movement? Want to know a bit more about what makes us new and innovative? Well click the cut, my friends, to find out more!

What is Manga Reborn?

Manga Reborn (MR) is a new venture involving a staff of some of the biggest names in manga fan translation/scanlation, backed at present by funds from the Japanese government with the ultimate goal of breaking down barriers between manga artists and their fans the world over. In brief, MR will host manga in the original Japanese, and fans around the world are welcome to translate and scanlate their favorite series for free with the blessings of the author, to share with other fans in their respective languages.
For every fan who’s ever longed to give back somehow but never had the opportunity, MR will provide ways to support the artist through a number of different venues—financially, via translation/scanlation, by writing reviews, creating fic, fanart, and more! With authors’ full involvement, never ‘fear’ licensing or corporate-dictated awkward translations that fail to take into account fans’ desires. These scanlations are for the fans, by the fans—and anyone can contribute!
If fans are the ones who will be ultimately supporting a manga artist, why should companies removed from fandom be in charge of ‘official’ translations? They shouldn’t! Simply sign up for a series you want to support as a translator or letterer (scanlator) and we’ll host your work for others to enjoy!

Is it legal?

Absolutely 100% yes! All manga hosted on MR are either public domain or have been formally licensed by MR. There are absolutely no illegal scanlations hosted whatsoever, and everything is ‘by the book’.
Every artist/author who publishes their work on MR will be financially compensated whenever readers purchase their works—that means your financial contributions will go directly to supporting the authors. No shipping/handling or sign-up fees, just you throwing cash at the mangaka whose work you’re about to enjoy.

What do you mean by ‘legal scanlations’?

At present, scanlations are a largely gray market at best and black market at worst, and fans who want to enjoy manga not yet licensed in their respective languages have little choice but to rely on other fans to provide these services for free. While you may WANT to support a mangaka, there’s little sense in paying exorbitant shipping fees for a book in a language you can’t even understand—and if a title ever is licensed in English, shipping fees or geoblocking plus prices well above that for the original tankoubon can prove prohibitive. Further, scanlations are done by fans, for fans, taking into account fandom terminology and naming conventions and not bowing to corporate demands or the need to target a particular corner of the market that doesn’t jive with what most fans would prefer to read—it’s little wonder scanlations are the preferred medium by most for manga consumption!
By taking scanlations from the backroom to the showroom with MR, we’re laying everything on the table, letting the mangaka see what a huge fanbase they have all around the world, and fostering friendly relationships between the artists and their fans. MR hopes to provide a route for fans to continue doing what they’ve done for years—translate and scanlate their favorite manga just to share with others and increase the fanbase—all without having to hide or worry about the hammer of corporate licensing falling upon their heads.

What manga can I read on MR?

At present, MR hosts 130 titles from 86 authors in 7 countries (largely Japan). MR is a way for both professional and new, up-and-coming artists to share their manga/comics with the world, encouraging capable fans to help other fans come to enjoy the same stories they themselves eagerly follow.
And it’s not just Japanese manga—ANY self-published comics in any language are also welcome. Bring us your English, your Spanish, your Dutch, your Thai, your Klingon (okay, maybe not your Klingon)—there are excited viewers waiting to read it and eager translators/scanlators waiting to get their claws into it!
All manga available to read at present are rated for audiences 17 and under. While manga with more mature themes (graphic BL, ecchi, hentai) may be uploaded, translated, and scanlated (provided you own the rights, of course), they won’t be made available to the general public until our formal opening in April 2013. Should authors agree to it, though, more graphic works may also be made available through websites such as Amazon’s Kindle Store before April 2013. Please contact the MR team for more information if necessary.

Can I read for free?

Yes and no — as it depends on what you want to read. We have a number of titles available for readers’ perusal for free, the hard work of our translators and scanlators who’ve decided to help spread some famous mangakas’ work to all corners of the globe, so we invite you to come check out our releases! In addition to these scanlations, you’re also welcome to view manga in the original language, whether that be Japanese or any of the comics in a half-dozen languages available on our site. We’re always hoping to expand our catalogue, so if you know someone who’s looking to share their work with a wider audience, direct them our way! So long as the author wants to provide their work for free, we’re happy to facilitate this distribution of their hard work.
As for the “no” part — the entire purpose of MR is to give fans a way to finally give back directly to authors, and in purchasing chapters or volumes (starting as low as 1 cent for a chapter), fans can be assured that a good 50% of that purchase will go back to the amazing author who made it all possible! Still doesn’t sound like enough? We think so too! That’s why as soon as a project lifts off, we’re hoping to return even more to the authors. More readers = more money back to the author him- or herself!
Note: As we are only softly open in Beta at the moment, some series that are pay-to-view cannot be read at the moment—but rest assured we’re in talks with publishers to get you guys a sneak peek before we go live in April!

Will I be compensated for contributing to MR?

Yes! Any time you contribute to MR, be it via translating/scanlating or writing a review of a chapter you just read or uploading fanart or interacting on forums, you’ll receive CP (contribution points). These points differ from Coins (which must be purchased) and at present are the only way viewers can download our free manga to their hard drives (versus viewing in our online reader). We’re still in the process of drumming up other uses for CP, so stay tuned—and feel free to drop us a line if you think you’ve got a great idea for how to use CP!
Professional experience – Ever wanted to use your scanlation experience to get a job? All of your contributed scanlations/translations for MR can be used as professional experience! You’ll be credited on the site as the translator/letterer for any series you’re involved with, and that’s pretty awesome if you ask us!