81 Diver #336 review

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81 Diver is a long-running serialization in Young Jump. The manga’s theme is “shogi,” or Japanese chess, which isn’t very well-known outside of Japan, so it may not be very popular. Hardly any cute girls appear in this manga. It’s about winning, and people keep psycho-diving over and over again all in the name of victory. Every single character who appears is virtually insane.

I’ve only read the actual volumes so far, so it’s been a while since I’ve read a new chapter. I really like the way how the characters’ eyes are always gleaming with insanity. The fact that he’s able to draw such extreme expressions makes me think that there’s a possibility that the author himself isn’t quite all there. The theme of the manga itself may be “people getting pushed the absolute limits of their sanity,” so I guess it makes sense. The artist may be drawing it this way on purpose, but still, it really just reeks of “danger” to me.

As Yoshida Genko wrote in Section 85 “The Miscellany of a Japanese Priest,” (http://djm.cc/library/The_Miscellany_of_a_Japanese_Priest_Gusa_Porter.pdf)

“If therefore even an impostor affects virtue, he will at least be called an upright man.”

I just hope this mangaka makes it back out of his insane world alive.

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