1F (One-Shot) Review Oct07


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1F (One-Shot) Review


This manga is one of the recipients of the 34th MANGA OPEN Awards that got a unanimous vote from all judges. It appeared in Morning 2013 #44. The author, a new author who goes by the name Kazuto Tatsuta, is apparently someone who actually worked at the reactor.

Currently, in Japan, it’s very hard to have a calm discussion about what went on in Fukushima, so this will probably be a difficult work to digest for some people. On the first page, we see the following instigating quotes: “This manga does not intend to reveal the truth behind what happened at Fukushima,” and “this is the truth about Fukushima seen through the author’s eyes.” They seem to be there to keep readers from getting too upset, and the manga shows the conditions at Fukushima in a reasonably sober manner. There are hardly any journalists in Japan who are aggressive as people like Michael Moore, but we do see aggressive manga like this time to time.

All of the characters who appear in the manga go about their work and don’t seem apprehensive or afraid of anything, which may disappoint some people. While the event itself is very extreme, I think the manga did a good job of giving us readers a very realistic glance. I think in the future, this may become a very important piece of data regarding reactor accidents.

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